Bobbi Brown - 20th Anniversary Lip Palette

Friday, 14 October 2011

For once, I'm not going to talk the talk because this rather special party-in-a-palette speaks for itself. Housing the first ten lip shades launched by Bobbi Brown in 1991 and ten contemporary brights for 2011 (I'm loving Candied Red and Cosmic Lily), it's like a lipstick lucky-dip you just can't go wrong with. And therein lies the success of arguably the most goof-proof, prettifying cosmetics range ever. What was flattering, easy-wear and modern two decades ago continues - in past and present incarnations - to be flattering, easy-wear and modern now

Two decades of lipstick brilliance

The 20th Anniversary Lip Palette, £43 (a wowser Christmas gift idea - nudge, nudge, wink, wink), is available on-line and at Bobbi Brown counters nationwide. View the shades in all their glory here.

The year was 1991


As a long-time Bobbi fan I thought I'd share a snap of little old me - aged sweet 17 - wearing the lipstick shade Beige (top row; second from left), from Bobbi's eponymous collection. Where did that baby face, natural hair colour and 20 years go? Life really IS what happens when you're not looking. Never a truer word spoken.

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