Rockalily Lipstick Swatches

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Perfect 10: the range houses 4 core shades and
6 limited editions which I've mixed up here - darn!

At the end of January, on a freezing cold night, I attended my first blogger event for the launch of ZOMG! the lipstick collaboration between ReeRee Rockette of Rockalily and Zozo of the The London Lipgloss.

It was a jam-packed turnout and the entertainment (cupcake crafting, pin-up photography, marvellous millinery and a library of retro hairstyles and make-up history) was brilliant, but I had my eyes on the prize - swatching. These would have been better swatched onto skin for sure, but I just couldn't get decent shots with flash. I really need to dig out the manual for my camera and actually read it. The eager hive of activity around the lipstick table also meant there was next to no time for faffing. 

I've checked my swatches against those on the Rockalily site and they're a pretty decent match on paper with the exception of Vintage Vixen, which has picked up too much warmth and is more of a dusky rose in real life. Talking of real life, to see the shades swatched in the flesh take a look at the Rockalily gallery. If you're into pinks you might also like a peek at my previous post on the gorgeous Pompadour Pink. Get me, back-linking and everything ;)

Although I loved the new ZOMG! fuschia shade (a serious pout-popper), I've got my eye on two summery corals - Mae Hem and Mermaid. But which to buy? Decisions, decisions.

Do you have a Rockalily favourite or a shade you're tempted to try? x

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